For all your language queries English to Dutch, or if you’d like to have your Dutch text proofread on style, spelling and grammar, or you need a compelling text written, you have come to the right address.

Angelique Hersman

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Hi, I’m Angelique Hersman. I translate your texts from English into Dutch.

Over the past eight years, I have translated all kinds of texts, from corporate business information to PiLs for clinical trials and everything in between. For instance, one of my recent translation assignments was a presentation on using a specific psychological test. I translated the presentation in such a way that people were not distracted by all kinds of expensive terms. This made it easier for the reader to consume all the insights offered.

Looking back, it was pretty clear which way this was going. As an example, I really enjoyed translating veterinary topics. And I translated remarkably much on Human Resources and employee satisfaction. Logically, these two areas suit me well; I trained and volunteered as a veterinary assistant and livestock farmer, and I am currently studying organisational psychology.

What really stood out? The dozens, almost hundreds of Safety Data Sheets I have translated over the past few years. To do that well, I put in many hours of research. The same has been the case with clinical trial documentation and patient-side information.

Some strict protocols and instructions must be followed meticulously for these documents. It is also a must that you are and stay abreast of current European legislation in that area. It turns out that this is where my strength lies. I am a whiz at (literature) research, finding my answers in every nook and cranny of the global internet and not being fobbed off with superficial gibberish. And without a source reference, it doesn’t even count.

What can I do for you?

I translate your English texts into Dutch. While doing that, I ensure that this translated text sounds catchy and natural, so the reader feels addressed. Where necessary, I adapt it to our national preferences. For example, we Dutch are really unhappy with the typical English writing style. “Geen woorden maar daden” (actions speak louder than words), we are quick to say in undiluted Rotterdam style.

Although I have a broad general interest, there are areas in which my qualities come into their own. For instance, they require specific skills, such as tightly regulated documents or experience.

My translation skills come to their fullest in projects in:

✔ Veterinary and animal health
✔ Healthcare, medical care and documentation for clinical trials (PILs, ICFs and SmPCs)
✔ Human resources and HS&E, and the previously discussed Safety Data Sheets.

Clinical trials

We all know that deciding to participate in a clinical trial as a subject is complex. It has enormous consequences in the lives of both the patient themselves and those around them. On top of that, participation comes with a pile of paperwork the size of Mount Everest. Luckily, the EMA has imposed strict additional requirements on the readability and content of these patient-faced documents.

In the past 8 years, I have translated and written:

✔ Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)
✔ Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)
✔ Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs)
✔ Instructions for Use (IFUs) for medical equipment
✔ Clinical Trial Protocols
✔ Questionnaires
✔ Training material for medical professionals
✔ Abstracts of animal studies
✔ Articles on medical conditions and pharmaceutics
✔ Blogs on health and wellbeing
✔ Safety Data Sheets ((M)SDS)

Being a psychology student makes me well-suited for clinical trial translation, as it gives me a strong foundation in medical terminology and concepts. In addition, psychology is a field that often involves working with people and communicating complex information clearly and understandably. These are invaluable skills when translating clinical trial materials.

Human resources

We all know that human resource translations can impact the experiences and well-being of employees. Thus, I will always ensure that translated texts are in clear writing, easy to read, inclusive and diverse.

In the past 8 years, I have translated and written:

✔ Job descriptions
✔ Employee manuals
✔ Performance evaluations
✔ Employee satisfaction surveys
✔ Training materials
✔ Articles for newsletters
✔ Blogs for websites and intranet sites

I did this for human resources departments, recruitment agencies and other service providers.

As a psychology student, I have a solid understanding of human behaviour. This is invaluable when translating HR materials for communication, motivation, and conflict resolution. And with my background in organizational psychology comes a strong understanding of HR concepts and terminology. Essential skills when translating technical or specialized HR documents.

Confidentiality, integrity and security

I handle a wide range of sensitive materials in various industries, and I am committed to protecting their information. Thus, it goes without saying that I have solid security measures in place. With these, I ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information

This is especially important for my work with clients in regulated industries, such as healthcare, HS&E and clinical trials, where strict security and privacy standards must be followed.

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