For all your language queries English to Dutch, or if you’d like to have your Dutch text proofread on style, spelling and grammar, or you need a compelling text written, you have come to the right address.

Angelique Hersman

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My Services

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Writing

📢 Whether managing an international company or acting as an independent business service provider, much of your work involves written communication. I can help you with that.

As a fully bilingual translator, I help international corporations to communicate with their Dutch partners and offer their products and services. My texts and translations support human resources departments in keeping their workforce connected and salespeople warming up their leads.

❓ Why work with me?

✅ I know Dutch culture inside out.
Born and raised in the Netherlands, I never restrained myself to one single region. And living the past decade in international environments in several European countries, I have developed solid bicultural and bilingual skills to address and convey the specific locale, culture, and unique characteristics of the Netherlands and the UK/US. This has enabled me to produce English into Dutch translations that are true to their audience and culture.

✅ I am an industry insider.
My 11 years of experience as a logistics representative for international companies and 7 years as a Services Provider and Human Resources support mean I speak logistics and Tech and understand your environment. As part of those roles, I managed logistics services, translated and summarised specs, and performed functional testing for several SaaS solutions and e-learning platforms.

✅ I am a wizard in (literature) research.
Some strict protocols and instructions must be followed meticulously for patient-faced clinical trial documentation and (M)SDS documents. It is also a must that you are and stay abreast of current European legislation in that area.

It turns out that this is where my strength lies. I am a whiz at (literature) research, finding my answers in every nook and cranny of the global internet. And I don’t allow myself to be fobbed off with superficial gibberish. Only with a reliable source reference, it counts.